Friday, July 25, 2008

Free Wordpress Themes Download Sources

These are some Free Wordpress Themes Download Sources

The Official WordPress Theme Page

WordPress distributes some beautiful themes from its original site. These are six in number, and are easy to experiment with. The URL for downloading these themes is You will find the Green Marine, Blix, Connections, Ocadia, Pool, and Almost Spring themes here. Among them, the Green Marine, Blix, Connections, and Almost Spring themes are very popular. Take a look at the WordPress theme-download section. One interesting thing is that all these themes are two-column themes, which is the most popular theme format.

Alex Marine's Wordpress Theme Browser

Alex Marine is a developer who has spent a lot of time in developing various plug-ins, extending WordPress, and arranging the WordPress theme competition. His "WordPress 1.5 competition" had huge response. He has developed a theme-browser website where you can select any theme from a drop-down box and instantly check the look of that theme. The URL of this theme browser is

The winning themes from this competition are listed as follows:
  • Connections
  • Rin
  • Red Train

The 'Most Creative Design' prize was won by the Head theme. The 'Pixel-Perfect Design' prize was won by the RDC and the FastTrack themes. The 'Most Versatile Design' prize went to the Zen Minimalist, Sharepoint Like, LetterHead, and Man~ja themes. You can see the complete list of winners at

WRC Theme Browser for Wordpress

There is another theme browser available called the WRC theme browser. This browser also enables you to view the look of every skin, but in a small grid, so you can view more than 16 themes at a time. You can also sort them by different options like one-column themes, multiple-column themes, alphabetically, widget-ready, plug-in required, date of publication, sidebars, etc. This is a very useful option. The URL of this theme browser is

You can also see the list of available files and a small description of the theme when you select it from the list.

Wordpress Central Theme List at Codex

This is the biggest repository of themes for WordPress. It is an editable Wiki where developers can list their themes after release. Codex displays themes under ten major categories like one-column themes, two-column themes, unique themes, widget-ready themes, etc. The URL of this page is

Emily Robbins's Theme List for Wordpress

Emily Robbins is a blogger who has been researching about blogs and blog designs for a long time. She has listed more than 805 themes in her website in different categories. This site is worth looking to search for your desired theme. The URL of her theme list is

Wordpress Blogging Pro Theme List

Blogging Pro is a very famous site that delivers news, tips and tricks, and downloadable things for different kinds of blogs. This site also lists WordPress themes sorted date-wise. They review each of these themes manually. It's a great site to check recent themes. You can find the Blogging Pro theme list at